July 10

Shalom Sesame: Let's Do a Mitzvah

Tuesday, July 10 | 9:30am | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Sesame Workshop | 2011 | 55 min.

Everyone lends a helping hand on Sesame Street and Grover is invited to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem!

The Invisibles

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Tuesday, July 10 | 11am | JCC Hart Theater

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Director: Claus Räfle | Germany | 2017 | 110 | German (w/subtitles) | Narrative

In June 1943, the German government famously declared Berlin “judenfrei”—free of Jews. But there were still 7,000 Jews living in hiding in the German capital. In this extraordinary film, Claus Räfle tells the true story of four of the 1,700 survivors who hid in plain sight throughout the war. THE INVISIBLES uses a hybrid of documentary and highly accomplished dramatizations that render the harrowing story even more astonishing. NOTE: Among the survivors featured in the film is Ruth Arndt Gumpel, sister of Erich Arndt. Erich was a local survivor who devoted his time to telling his story at Rochester-area schools. His story is part of the new JCC CenterStage production, Survivors.

Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema

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Tuesday, July 10 | 1:30pm | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Danny Ben-Moshe | Australia, India | 2018 | 76 | English, Hindi (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

When Indian cinema began 100 years ago, it was taboo for Hindu and Islamic women to perform on screen, so Indian Jewish women, who were more liberal and progressive, took on female lead roles and then dominated the movies for decades. SHALOM BOLLYWOOD celebrates the all singing, all dancing history of the world’s largest film industry. It reveals the unlikely story of the 2,000-year-old Indian Jewish community and its formative place in shaping the world’s largest film industry. NOTE: In 2017 the George Eastman Museum acquired the world’s largest collection of contemporary Indian cinema held by a museum or film archive. The collection consists of 775 prints representing 597 film titles, all in 35mm format, made between 1999 and 2013.

Futures Past

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Tuesday, July 10 | 6pm | Dryden Theater


Director: Jordan Mealmed | USA | 2016 | 89 | English | Documentary

Commodity trader turned filmmaker Jordan Melamed returns to his former life as the Chicago trading pits are threatened with extinction. Open outcry, the 150-year-old tradition of traders shouting out their orders, is being silenced by computer trading. Jordan’s father, Leo Melamed, is the chairman emeritus of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the man responsible for changing the way the world trades. As Jordan gives us a crash course in the secret code on the trading floor, a long-dormant battle between father and son erupts, echoing the shouting in the pits. Jordan is determined to heal the wounds with his father before the pits are silenced forever.

Bye Bye Germany

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Tuesday, July 10 | 9pm | Dryden Theater


Director: Sam Garbarski | Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg | 2017 | 101 | English, German (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

German star Moritz Bleibtreu is a defiant Holocaust survivor looking to strike it rich in postwar Frankfurt in BYE BYE GERMANY, a brisk, polished drama tempered with bittersweet humor. Though haunted by memories of his family, hustler David Bermann (Bleibtreu) is determined to eke out a living in his battle-scarred homeland. With a jaunty klezmer-style score and Yiddish-inflected dialogue, this fresh historical perspective is an utterly engaging salute to European Jews who chose to tough-out painful memories and reclaim their lives. Adult content

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