July 11

My Mother's Lost Children

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Wednesday, July 11 | 11am | JCC Hart Theater


Director: Danny Ben-Moshe | Austraila | 2017 | 95 | English | Documentary

Sprawling across four continents, MY MOTHER’S LOST CHILDREN tells the extraordinary, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction family story of Melbourne filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe (SHALOM BOLLYWOOD). Growing up in the Yiddish-speaking East End of London, Ben-Moshe’s mother, Lillian, was 15 when she met and married Raymond, a charismatic Iranian Jew. After the birth of two children, her life took a tragic turn. Eager to discover the truth, Ben-Moshe and his family embark on a remarkable journey from Australia to England and finally Iran as they attempt to unravel the dense web of secrets and put the past to rest.

Humor Me

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Wednesday, July 11 | 1:30pm | JCC Hart Theater
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Director: Sam Hoffman | USA | 2017 | 93 | English | Narrative

A heartfelt father-son comedy about a struggling playwright who is forced to move in with his joke-telling dad in a New Jersey retirement community and learns, as his father often says, “Life’s going to happen, whether you smile or not.” As Nate gets involved with his quirky, new neighbors and their theater troupe, his relationship with his father is tested in many ways. Featuring Jemaine Clement (FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS), Elliott Gould (MASH, THE LONG GOODBYE), Bebe Neuwirth (CHEERS) and Annie Potts (GHOSTBUSTERS, PRETTY IN PINK). HUMOR ME is Sam Hoffman’s directorial debut, inspired by his website Old Jews Telling Jokes, which also sparked an off-Broadway play, a bestselling book and a lecture series.

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds: The Conductor Zubin Mehta

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Wednesday, July 11 | 6pm | Dryden Theater

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Director: Bettina Ehrhardt | Germany | 2016 | 89 | English, German, Hebrew, Italian (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

Born in India, Zubin Mehta has conducted orchestras the world over, but is most identified with the Israel Philharmonic, where he serves as Music Director for Life and the nation’s face of cultural excellence. Navigating among nations, his efforts to uncouple politics from the canon of Western classical music have not been without controversy. Filled with stirring performances and interviews with friends, family and colleagues, this globe-trotting biography is a magnificent tribute to an artistic virtuoso and true believer in the international language of music. After 50 years with the IPO, Zubin Mehta will retire effective October of 2019. POST-FILM Q&A with Director Bettina Ehrhardt

The Exception

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Wednesday, July 11 | 9pm | Dryden Theater


Director: David Leveaux | United Kingdom | 2016 | 107 | English, Dutch, German (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

A riveting thriller filled with espionage and romance, THE EXCEPTION follows German soldier Stefan Brandt as he goes on a mission to investigate exiled German monarch Kaiser Wilhelm II (Christopher Plummer). As Brandt begins to infiltrate the kaiser’s life in search of clues, he finds himself drawn into a passionate romance with Mieke (Lily James, DOWNTON ABBEY). When the SS comes for an unexpected visit, the stage is set for a breathtaking showdown, as secrets are revealed, allegiances are tested and Brandt is forced to make the ultimate choice between honoring his country and following his heart. Adult content

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