July 15

The Museum

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Sunday, July 15 | 3pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Ran Tal | Israel | 2017 | 72 | English, Hebrew (w/ subtitles) | Documentary

Director Ran Tal’s THE MUSEUM takes an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum. Tal, one of Israel’s most accomplished and creative documentarians, artfully captures moments and details of a day-in-the-life of the museum, introducing us to a diverse range of curators and artists, singing security guards and international visitors, a Haredi kashrut inspector and an American museum director, each with a story to tell. For 18 months, Tal collected footage of the museum’s daily routine, assembling it into a cinematic collage. Gorgeously photographed, poignant and wry, the film captures the vitality of the museum and the people inside.

Keep the Change

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Sunday, July 15 | 6pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Rachel Israel | USA | 2017 | 92 | English | Narrative

Two adults with autism strike up an unlikely and transformative relationship in KEEP THE CHANGE a wonderfully surprising reinvention of the romantic comedy. David (Brandon Polansky), a high-functioning, upper-class charmer goes to an autism support group at the Manhattan Jewish Community Center, where he falls for vivacious Sarah (Samantha Elisofon). Director and writer Rachel Israel’s inclusive and fresh debut is a unique and universal love story full of vibrant characters under-represented in cinema. Keep the Change’s cast includes actors on the autism spectrum. NOTE: Adult content POST-FILM: A Skype Q&A w/ Director/Writer Rachel Israel. IN-PERSON: Rachel Rosner, AutismUp and Rachel Kest, Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

The Cakemaker

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Sunday, July 15 | 9pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Ofir Raul Graizer | Germany, Israel | 2017 | 105 | German, Hebrew (w/ subtitles) | Narrative

This tender, delicate drama about a closeted love affair unfolds through the eyes of Thomas, a Berlin pastry chef. After Oren, Thomas’s married lover, dies in a car accident, Thomas travels to see the life Oren left behind. In this moving debut, director Ofir Raul Graizer explores the connection formed between Thomas and Anat, the Israeli widow of the man whom they both loved. Graizer delicately and gracefully traces the fluidity of desire and sexuality, the bonds forged by shared grief, and the challenges those can present to faith and family. Adult Content

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