July 17

Sammy Davis, Jr.: I've Gotta Be Me

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Sunday, July 8 | 7:30pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Sam Pollard | USA | 2018 | 99 | English | Documentary

A star of stage and screen and a member of the legendary Rat Pack, Sammy Davis, Jr. broke racial barriers, and paid a heavy price for it. Defying societal norms concerning interracial romance, religion and political affiliation, Davis courted controversy many times, always with grace and honesty. Filmmaker Sam Pollard explores all the complexities of Davis, whose career spanned several phases of American show business. Featuring new interviews with a host of show business luminaries including Billy Crystal, Norman Lear, Jerry Lewis and Whoopi Goldberg, this delightful film is loaded with dazzling footage of Davis as dancer, singer and impressionist.

The Twinning Reaction

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Sunday, July 8 | 1pm | Dryden Theatre


Director: Lori Shinseki | USA | 2017 | 55 | English | Documentary

How would you feel if, as an adult, you discovered you had an identical twin? That’s what happened to the children involved in the infamous 1960s Neubauer-Bernard study of “nature vs. nurture.” Jewish twins given up for adoption were deliberately placed in separate homes and neither they nor their adoptive parents were told about the other twin. This deeply disturbing exposé of arrogant, unscrupulous science features several reunited siblings who at last understand why they always felt “something missing” from their lives. POST-FILM Q&A with Director Lori Shinseki. Moderated by Linda Moroney, Festival Director and Programmer for the One Take Film Festival and Monthly Documentary Series

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